Nieuwe productielocatie Zuid-Afrika geopend

18 maart 2013
2 minuten

Afgelopen vrijdag is de nieuwe state-of-the art productielocatie, inclusief kantoorruimte en onderzoekslaboratoria van De Heus in Kleinberg Zuid-Afrika, officieel geopend. Deze nieuwe productielocatie is in slechts 18 maanden gebouwd en is uitgerust met moderne technologieën. Deze nieuwe fabriek zal voeders produceren voor diverse diersoorten zoals varkens, pluimvee, melkvee, vleesvee, schapen, struisvogels en voeding voor wild.

Engelstalig persbericht:

De Heus held their official opening of a new state- of-the-art feed mill, new branch offices and laboratory on 14 March 2013 at Kleinberg in the Western Cape. Kleinberg is situated halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, 20 km outside the coastal town of Mosselbay.

The opening was attended by both local and international guests and over 100 farmers and suppliers. Other guests joining the group were co-owner from the Netherlands, Co De Heus, Minister of agriculture in the Western Cape, Gerrit van Rensburg and the ambassador of the Netherlands, André Haspals.

The new mill at Kleinberg was erected over the last eighteen months and De Heus have not spared any resources in designing and building a modern technologically advanced mill. The mill caters for most animal species, ranging from pigs and poultry to dairy, beef, sheep, ostriches and game feeds. From Kleinberg, De Heus will produce and deliver bagged and bulk feed in both meal and pelleted form.

De Heus focus on servicing the independent farmer. With the De Heus slogan “Together for better results”, farmers can be assured that their interests and long term viability are top priorities for De Heus. As with the other 4 mills in South Africa the mill in Kleinberg will produce quality feed that will meet the highest world standards. De Heus‘s Technical Advisors are trained to give a value added on farm service, by assisting customers with nutrition, animal husbandry and advice on the company’s animal specific feeds.

De Heus have the optimal blend of both local and international expertise to make De Heus a house hold name in South Africa.